Three Strategies for Workplace Harassment Prevention

Posted by Zosi Team

Think workplace harassment could never be an issue in your facility? Think again. Two recent studies by The Daily Campus report that one in three women experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. Of these, over 70% did not report it.

Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, it is illegal to harass a person because of their gender. Various state laws also exist that prohibit harassment and require adequate employee training. After all, everyone has a vital role to play in preventing workplace harassment. This blog explores three ways to prevent such harassment. Implement them today to promote a healthy and safe company culture.

Establish an Anti-Harassment Policy

Begin by working with your Human Resources personnel to create a clearly defined zero tolerance anti-harassment policy that applies to every level of employee. Ensure that this policy complies with local, state, and federal laws and requirements.

Emphasize Training

Every employee must understand what constitutes workplace harassment, their company’s workplace harassment policy and how to report incidents of harassment. Training should address:

An explanation of acceptable and unacceptable behavior in the workplace
How to spot workplace harassment
How to respond to and report workplace harassment

Training should occur on a regular basis throughout the year. Managers and supervisors should receive specialized training in how to respond to complaints of workplace harassment promptly, fairly, and respectfully. They must understand their role in stopping, addressing, and preventing harassment in the workplace.

Build a Healthy Workplace Culture

Fostering a workplace culture where everyone feels safe not only prevents harassment, but promotes productivity and morale. Emphasize open communication, respect, diversity and inclusion. Educate everyone on unconscious bias and conflict resolution. Leadership should continuously communicate their dedication to maintaining such a culture.


Harassment has no place in the workplace. Find a training solution that resonates with everyone and meets state requirements for workplace harassment training with Zosi’s selection of online courses. Employees learn to understand the nuances of harassment and discrimination and how they can contribute to a positive work environment. Click here to browse.

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