6 Quick Tips for Conducting Effective Internal Audits

Posted by Zosi Team

The best way to stay compliant is to conduct an internal audit. Below are Zosi’s tips for conducting an effective internal audit:

Do what you say, say what you do. Then prove it!
Have detailed monitoring activities.
Verify those activities follow documented procedures.
Validate programs are effectively controlling hazards
Be tough on yourself.
You know your strengths and weaknesses.
Challenge yourself to be better prepared for certification or regulatory audits.
Don’t be complacent.
Challenge your systems with a robust internal auditing process.
Improve your programs by completing corrective actions.
icon-blue-frontline workers
Use multifunctional audit team members.
Have varied but complementary skills on your team.
Include skills that contribute to the specific objectives of the organization.
This ensures you have auditors who…
  • Aren’t auditing their own work.
  • Have knowledge of the process being audited and can challenge it.
Use risk-based frequencies.
Base monitoring frequency on risks associated with the audited programs.
Audits may be weekly, monthly, or even annually.
Trust but verify.
Conduct business by trusting your employees.
Ensure employees understand their duties.
Remind them that everyone is responsible for a safe and legal product.

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