Online Food Safety Training

Online Food Safety Training

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Taught by industry experts, each food safety course was developed by Intertek Alchemy - the global leader in food safety training.
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I purchased the course in order to meet the requirements for my company's food safety program. Having very little experience with food safety, the course was exactly what I needed to carry out my responsibilities.
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Yes, the PCQI is highly recommended to be attended by core staff and personnel who belong to a developmental track program.
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I really loved the fact that we could do it anytime and anywhere.
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I initially registered in this course because both my HACCP and PCQI training certificates were over 5 years ago. It was a lot of learning and I thoroughly enjoyed this course!
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In my opinion, this was the most informative and complete training experience I have received. The methods of teaching allowed me the flexibility to learn at my own pace and the live portion of the lesson was very hands-on, engaging, and allowed the class to ask questions relative to specific functions within their own organization.
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I am completely grateful for the variety of training that Zosi provides. It makes it easy for the student to learn quickly, effectively, and safely... which leaves you 100% prepared for situations that may arise during work.

FEATURED Food Safety Culture Course and Assessment

Build a Successful Food Safety Culture

  • Learn from food safety culture experts
  • Explore a best practice case study
  • Take a food safety culture assessment
  • Access culture-building tools & resources
  • Earn a certificate of attainment
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