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Understanding Food Defense Risk Analysis

Risk analysis is a crucial food defense process that helps manufacturers identify and manage potential problems in their process or facility. Developed with the leaders in food defense education, the Food Protection and Defense Institute, this white paper discusses the components of an effective food defense risk analysis model and how to employ each in your own facility.

How to Establish an FSSC 22000 Program

Discover the criteria that form the foundation of the FSSC 22000 program! Our white paper provides a heightened understanding of FSSC 22000, its purpose, and benefits to food manufacturers choosing between GFSI-approved food safety schemes. Learn what goes into building an effective FSSC 22000 program and its possible limitations in your facility.

Key Ingredients for Continuous Improvement Processes That Work

Change is constant. Adopting a culture of continuous improvement is critical to providing a high-quality, safe product that meets consumer demand. Yet continuous quality improvement in any facility is a process, not an endpoint. Learn how to approach the continuous improvement process through Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, and Kaizen in this white paper by Zosi. You’ll walk away with concrete explanations of each strategy, better able to develop and improve your own continuous improvement management plan.

The Essential Guide to HACCP Fundamentals

Proper HACCP planning and execution safeguards the integrity of our global food supply. Zosi’s comprehensive HACCP eBook helps food manufacturing professionals develop and improve their facility’s HACCP plan to ensure product safety and regulatory compliance. Written by our team of certified HACCP Lead Instructors and Auditors, this free resource gives manufacturers the tools and understanding necessary to employ an integrated, practical approach to their daily operations.

Crafting Compliant Food Safety Plans Under the Preventive Controls for Human Food Rule

With the introduction of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the Food & Drug Administration laid out a series of final rules and regulations. Among them, the Preventive Controls for Human Food rule brought about new, more stringent standards for producing safe food – including documentation of a thorough Food Safety Plan. Learn how to build, maintain, and improve a compliant Food Safety Plan with this free white paper.

Explore Prerequisite Programs for HACCP Systems

Prerequisite programs, including GMPs and SSOPs, are essential building blocks of a food safety system. Without them in place, facilities cannot guarantee the production of safe, wholesome food for human consumption. This white paper explores what prerequisite food safety programs may prove necessary to support a successful HACCP plan and provides regulatory resources for facilities looking to build and improve their PRPs.

How to Evolve Your Food Safety and Defense Systems During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Food safety, food defense, food security, and food fraud continuously evolve with the coronavirus pandemic. Food processing and manufacturing professionals have had to swiftly adapt – and will continue to do so. What can your facility expect as the industry shifts and how can you prepare? Dr. Jennifer van de Ligt, Director of the Food Protection and Defense Institute at the University of Minnesota, lends her expertise to the topic, and discusses what has changed, what’s on the horizon, and what businesses can do today to thrive tomorrow.

The Case for Kosher: A Market Overview

What is the value of kosher certification? How big is the kosher market? How can kosher food production increase your bottom line and improve demand? Here’s a complete rundown of the thriving $19.8 billion industry. Download Zosi’s free Kosher Market Statistics Guide to explore the impact kosher can have in your facility today.

The Essential Guide to Training for Food Industry Managers and Supervisors

Zosi’s essential training guide provides an accessible, logical, and proven route to food safety success. With it, professionals across production understand which online courses they should take, what order to complete them in, and why they’re essential. We offer interactive online food safety courses so that employees at every level can excel in their roles, expand their industry knowledge, and, most importantly, keep the food supply safe.

Understand Infection Prevention and Control Programs for the Hospitality Industry

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the hospitality industry must adapt beyond heightened hotel sanitation practices. Preventing the spread of infection is imperative to keep guests, employees, and third parties safe. Expanded infection prevention and control programs enable your hotel to manage this spread while maintaining the core function of providing an exceptional guest experience. Understand the steps to building your infection control program with this comprehensive overview.

Protect Your Employees and Avoid the Top Five OSHA Violations

Rick Gehrke

Environmental Safety & Health Consultant
Intertek Academy

With more than 158 million people employed in the United States, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforces workplace safety to ensure the safety of employees. OSHA has released its preliminary list of Top 10 Most Cited Violations in 2019. Of these ten, five are against standards in 29 CFR 1910, and apply to general industry. Download our guide to discover these violations and how to protect your workforce.

Discover the Steps to Intentional Adulteration Rule Compliance

Dr. Jennifer van de Ligt

Director of the Food Protection and Defense Institute
University of Minnesota

Jeff Chilton

VP of Consulting
Intertek Alchemy

Food manufacturers must meet new requirements for the FDA’s Final Rule on Mitigation Strategies to Protect Food Against Intentional Adulteration. Developing a thorough understanding of the new IA Rule regulations is not only vital to your facility’s compliance, but more importantly to preventing wide-spread public health harm. Learn how to better plan, implement, and analyze strategies to combat the risk of food adulteration in your operation with this guide.

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