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We turned our research into your resources. Explore our highly curated collection of food and workplace safety tip sheets, checklists, and quick-guides built to give you Zosi’s signature expertise in easy, digestible, and on-the-go formats.

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7 Ways to Prevent Foreign Material in Food

Reducing opportunities for foreign material contamination is a critical component of any food safety system. Ensure your entire team understands foreign material control best practices with this short, downloadable collection of tips. From risk assessment to internal audit processes, this guide will help your facility safeguard against food adulteration, recalls, lost revenue, and more.

HACCP Self-Assessment Checklist

Identify gaps and evaluate the strength of your Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plan with Zosi’s HACCP audit checklist. This checklist helps supervisors, managers, and all other personnel involved in maintaining a HACCP system prepare for HACCP certification compliance by inspecting the implementation of the seven HACCP principles and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

Identifying and Responding to Workplace Harassment

Everyone plays a role in creating a safe workplace culture. Since harassment in the workplace takes several forms, you must understand how to spot and respond to incidents of workplace harassment. This one-page guide helps you identify some of the most common forms of harassment and how to stop them.

Four Vital Safety Steps for Food Handlers

Take your food safety knowledge on the go with Zosi’s quick and easy checklist for food handlers and managers! From proper preparation to storage of food items, this free download ensures you understand your role in preventing foodborne illness.

Spotting and Preventing Intoxication: An Alcohol Server’s Checklist

One of the most important duties you have as an alcohol server or seller is ensuring guests drink responsibly to deliver a satisfying experience. Accomplishing this task involves both preventing your patrons from becoming intoxicated and not serving intoxicated patrons. Zosi’s checklist for spotting and preventing intoxication is your quick-guide resource to promoting responsible alcohol sales.

5 Tips for Building Your Best Internal Audit Team

Where should you start when setting up your internal audit procedures? Your audit practice is only as effective as your team’s expertise. Learn how to build a world-class internal audit team that pulls from key departments in your facility and drives continuous improvement from Zosi’s team of Certified Auditors.

Workplace Safety Tips for Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention

Slips, trips, and falls make up the majority of general industry accidents and cause 15% of all accidental deaths, second only to motor vehicle crashes. Employers must take measures in their workplace to promote safety and prevent employee injury. This pocket guide will give you an introduction to safety tips at work as they pertain to slip, trip, and fall prevention.

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