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Templates and Tools

Allergen Template Bundle

The Allergen Template Bundle has everything you need to detect and assess the potential presence of food allergens in your facility. Zosi’s allergen templates include tools to help you eliminate allergens to pass your next audit and industry best practices developed on the processing floor by Intertek Alchemy’s Consulting Team. This team leverages more [...]>

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Environmental Monitoring Program and Risk Assessment Template Package

Zosi’s Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) and risk assessment templates help you comply with the Human Food Rule and further protect your customers. Explore case studies to improve risk assessment strategies and gain insight into the proper sampling process to proactively detect and address pathogens in the environment. Benefits Reduce non-conformances for audit documentation Model your EMP [...]>

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FSMA Template Package

Zosi’s FSMA template package is a cost-effective solution for facilities of all sizes looking to maximize efficiency and achieve FSMA compliance. Crafted by industry experts, this bundle includes samples of completed logs to serve as examples for properly completing required papers. Your documentation process will benefit from reduced time spent on production and increased accuracy. [...]>

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USDA Template Package

Industry experts at Zosi compiled their years of personal experience to create a package of templates, examples, and guides to assist with achieving USDA compliance and to help successfully navigate the audit process. The USDA Template Package is useful for facilities of all sizes, with completed examples giving additional assistance in further document creation. [...]>

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