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Languages Offered

Languages Offered

English (EN-US)

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The Allergen Template Bundle has everything you need to detect and assess the potential presence of food allergens in your facility. Zosi’s allergen templates include tools to help you eliminate allergens to pass your next audit and industry best practices developed on the processing floor by Intertek Alchemy’s Consulting Team. This team leverages more than 200 years of combined food industry experience so you can have confidence in your ability to assess and mitigate the threat of allergens in your products.



  • Save time and money — use templates to maximize efficiency and accuracy for compliance
  • Model after successfully completed documents
  • Compiled and created by experts with decades of industry experience
  • Reduce non-conformances by establishing fully documented food safety protocols
What Is Included

What Is Included

  • Allergen Preventive Control Form
  • Allergen Preventive Controls Summary Form
  • Food Allergen Ingredient Analysis
  • Food Allergen Label Verification Listing (DOCX)
  • Food Allergen Label Verification Listing (PDF)
  • Ingredient Allergen Identification
Who Should Download

Who Should Download

Individuals tasked with maintaining FDA and audit requirements for food safety systems, including:

  • QA Managers
  • Food Safety Technicians
  • Food Safety Managers
  • Directors of Quality Assurance
  • Directors of Food Safety
  • QA Technicians
  • Product Managers
  • Sanitation Personnel
  • Senior Managers

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