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Course Bundle – Basic and Advanced HACCP Certification

Looking to become a HACCP expert? Presenting the #1 online basic HACCP certification course combined with the only online advanced HACCP course. Developed and taught by experienced food safety professionals, auditors, and consultants, these courses will give you deep knowledge of HACCP and how to be a key contributor in building and maintaining your [...]>

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Advanced HACCP Certification Course

Zosi is proud to offer the only 100% online course for Advanced HACCP certification. This self-paced course builds on your understanding of our HACCP Certification Course and provides you with HACCP training tools to become a HACCP team leader. In this 7-hour advanced course, you will develop a mastery of HACCP principles that will [...]>

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Basic HACCP Certification – Juice and Beverage

A juice HACCP Certification is a requirement for processors and importers of juice products that must comply with FDA’s juice HACCP regulation. This course is designed for anyone who needs a HACCP certification and works in a juice or beverage facility. Through 7 hours of instruction, Zosi Learning’s Basic HACCP – Juice and Beverage Certification [...]>

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Basic HACCP Certification Course

Need a HACCP certification? Complete this 6-hour online HACCP certification course to receive an official certificate from the International HACCP Alliance and become a key contributor to your facilities’ HACCP team. #1 online HACCP certification course developed by and taught by industry auditors Interactive exercises built into each module provide better understanding of practical [...]>

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