Basic HACCP – Juice & Beverage Certification

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Basic HACCP - Juice & Beverage Certification - Zosi Learning

Languages Offered

Languages Offered

English (EN-US)

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Processors and importers of certain juice products must comply with FDA’s juice HACCP regulation. Zosi’s Basic HACCP – Juice and Beverage Certification course ensures you’re prepared to undergo an audit and thus meet federal food safety and HACCP policy requirements.

Successfully complete this online HACCP course and receive an official certification from the International HACCP Alliance.


  • Save time and money – No travel or time away from office or home
  • Set your own pace and take from anywhere
  • Receive an official International HACCP Alliance certificate of completion
  • World-class content – Taught by experienced auditors with extensive HACCP program knowledge


Learn industry best practices, glean real-world insights, and take away practical advice from Alchemy’s expert consultants. Topics covered include:
Module 1:
  • HACCP Overview
Module 2:
  • Juice Regulatory Updates
Module 3:
  • Applying HACCP Principles
Module 4:
  • Prerequisite Programs
Module 5:
  • Hazards Overview
Module 6:
  • Preliminary Steps to HACCP
Module 7:
  • HACCP Principles 1 & 2
Module 8:
  • HACCP Principles 3, 4 & 5
Module 9:
  • HACCP Principles 6 & 7
Module 10:
  • Validation & Reassessments
Module 11:
  • Measuring Effectiveness

Who Should Register?

Food safety professionals whose facilities are processors or importers of certain juice products should take this course because these facilities are required to comply with FDA’s juice HACCP regulation.

  • HACCP Food Safety Team Members
  • Food Safety Managers
  • Plant Managers
  • Food Safety Team Leaders
  • Quality Control Managers
  • SQF Practitioners
  • Production Managers
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Food Safety Consultants
  • Senior Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Maintenance Managers


How long do I have to complete the course?
Users have access to the course content for 6 months after beginning the course. During this period, the user may start and stop at their leisure. Users who fail to complete the e-learning course in the time available will not be eligible for a refund.

Am I required to take this course?
FDA published a juice safety regulation based on the seven principles of HACCP called “Procedures for the Safe and Sanitary Processing and Importing of Juice.” This regulation has become known as “the juice HACCP regulation.” Processors and importers of certain juice products must comply with FSMA’s juice HACCP regulation. In USDA facilities, it is required that the person who writes or reassesses the HACCP Plan receive HACCP Training. For SQF facilities, the SQF Practitioner is required to have HACCP Training. HACCP Training is recommended for all food safety professionals.

What topics does the Basic HACCP – Juice & Beverage course cover?

  • Developing and implementing a HACCP Plan
  • The HACCP regulations for juice and how to reference them
  • USDA and FDA regulatory requirements
  • The 5 Preliminary Steps to HACCP
  • The 7 Principles of HACCP
  • Validation and reassessment processes for HACCP Systems
  • The 14 Key Elements of HACCP Implementation
  • Measuring success and effectiveness

Do I receive a certificate upon completion?
Yes, participants receive an official International HACCP Alliance certificate of completion

How long would it take me to complete this course?
The course is self-paced, but if a student were to complete in one seating, it would be approximately 8 hours.

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