Course Bundle – Basic and Advanced HACCP Certification

15 Hours

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Languages Offered

Languages Offered

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Please note: Subscription for this course ends six months from date of purchase.



Looking to become a HACCP expert? Presenting the #1 online basic HACCP certification course combined with the only online advanced HACCP course. Developed and taught by experienced food safety professionals, auditors, and consultants, these courses will give you deep knowledge of HACCP and how to be a key contributor in building and maintaining your food safety program. Upon completion you will receive an official International HACCP Alliance certification of completion for each course.

basic haccp advanced haccp certification

The Basic HACCP course is designed to give you a full understanding of HACCP principles, empower you to identify the types of hazards that threaten food safety and develop and implement a HACCP plan for your company.

The Advanced HACCP course is designed for the leader of food safety programs or someone who faces stringent regulatory oversight. Here, our industry experts will dive deep into matters like verification, validation, and auditing so you can lead your facility to food safety success and fine-tune programs in the future.

One person can take both courses or the two courses can be assigned to two different individuals. You will have 6 months from the time of purchase to complete the courses.


  • Access the #1 online HACCP certification courses with curriculum focused specifically on CODEX and NACMCF guidelines
  • Master HACCP concepts through real-world examples and practical application straight from experienced industry auditors
  • Buy a single course or multiple courses and assign them to any team member

Bundle Details

Basic HACCP – Agenda
  • Module 1: Basic HACCP
  • Module 2: Prerequisite Programs
  • Module 3: Food Safety Hazards and Risks
  • Module 4: Preliminary Steps
  • Module 5: Hazard Analysis and Control Measures
  • RESOURCE: Decision Tree Tool
  • Module 6: Critical Limits, Monitoring and Corrective Actions
  • Module 7: Verifying and Documenting Your HACCP Plan
  • Module 8: Implementing and Maintaining the HACCP Plan
  • Module 9: Regulatory Considerations
  • Module 10: Exam
Advanced HACCP – Agenda
  • Module 1: HACCP Overview
  • Module 2: Verification of Prerequisite Programs
  • Module 3: Principles Overview
  • Module 4: Hazards and Controls
  • Module 5: CCP and Preventive Controls Verification
  • Module 6: Verification and Reassessment
  • Module 7: Record Keeping
  • Module 8: Validation
  • Module 9: Continuous Improvement and Sustainment
  • Module 10: Regulatory Requirements
  • Module 11: Exam


Learn the benefits of a HACCP certification program: 

  • Learn how to reduce the risk of food safety hazards 
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements 
  • Help reduce overall costs by decreasing product loss 
  • Provide due diligence defense in litigation 
  • Promote teamwork, consistency, and efficiency 
  • Reinforce a strong food safety culture
  • Elevate consumer confidence in your brand
Who Should Register?

Who Should Register?

The Basic HACCP course is designed for anyone needing a HACCP certification. This includes food safety professionals, especially those whose facility adheres to any GFSI-approved food safety standards (SQF, BRC, FSSC 22000, IFS, etc.), as these facilities are required to implement an effective Food Safety Plan based on CODEX HACCP requirements.

The Advanced HACCP course is designed for food safety leaders looking to build on their understanding of basic HACCP principles and learn how to sustain and continuously improve their HACCP program.

Please note that this bundle includes two different courses – Basic HACCP and Advanced HACCP. The Zosi Course Player will allow you to assign these two courses to two different people, if necessary.

Course Bundle – Basic and Advanced HACCP Certification

15 Hours
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