Environmental Sustainability Best Practices at Home and Work

Posted by Zosi Team

Environmental sustainability is a team effort. When you incorporate environmental sustainability into your daily routine, whether at home or work, you’re not only helping the environment for future generations but you’re also saving money and promoting company efficiency.

So, what can you do to practice environmental sustainability?

Environmental Sustainability at Home

You can practice environmental sustainability at home and work. To conserve energy at home, turn off the lights when you leave a room, use energy-efficient appliances and programmable thermostats. Short showers and low-flow showerheads are both effective means of water conservation. Fix leaky faucets as soon as possible.

When cleaning inside, use non-toxic cleaners like vinegar. Never throw out personal electronics. Instead, take them to places that accept or buy them when you no longer need them. If you own a car, keep it in good working order. Consider recycling your used motor oil after each oil change. Carpool or use public transportation when going to work.

Environmental Sustainability at Work

Many of the practices used at home can be applied in the workplace. However, leadership can take further measures to promote sustainability in their facilities.

Conduct an Energy Audit

Adopting energy-efficient practices can reduce costs for businesses almost instantly. Many manufacturers choose to conduct an energy audit to find gaps in their conservation efforts or areas that need improvement. This could include replacing HVAC filters or incandescent lightbulbs, using programmable thermostats, or introducing weather stripping to your infrastructure.

Use Renewable Energy

Several states offer tax breaks and incentives to those businesses that employ and use their source of renewable energy, like solar roof panels. Renewable energy refers to energy generated from naturally replenished resources. Think sunlight, wind, rain, geothermal heat, and so on.

Reduce Waste

Discarding raw materials your facility doesn’t use can harm the environment. To reduce waste, make use of these “leftovers”, dispose of them the right way or remove them from your business practice altogether.


Environmental sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. While some best practices may seem obvious, each is crucial to conserving resources and promoting efficiency. Zosi’s online library of sustainability courseware is an easy,  effective way to train your team on what they can do to promote environmental sustainability everyday. Learn more here.

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