Implementing SQF Systems – Manufacturing: Exam

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The Implementing SQF Systems – Manufacturing examination assesses the knowledge of the food industry professional of the SQF Food Safety Code.

The manufacturing examination addresses topics relevant to those sites that pre-process or process product including SQF Food Sector Categories 4, 7 to 22, 25, and 31 through 34.

Individuals will be allowed a total of three attempts to successfully complete the examination. The examination must be completed within 14 days of beginning the examination. A certificate of attainment can be printed after successful completion of the examination.

The passing score of the examination is 75%.



How long do I have to complete the exam?

Once purchased, an online exam will remain available for six months. Once started, the user has 14 days to complete the exam in full before the expiry date. Users who fail to complete the online exam in the time available will not be eligible for a refund.

Where can I download the SQF Codes?

The SQF Codes can be found on the SQFI website at All versions of the SQF Code can also be found by following that link.

What is the difference between the modules and the Food Safety Codes?

Modules are the good industry practices that are specific to the industry sector. The modules contain the good agriculture practices, good manufacturing practices, good distribution practices, and good retail practices that the site shall meet in order to achieve SQF certification. To determine the appropriate the module the site shall refer to any of the SQF Codes, Edition 9, Part A, Section 1.2. The Food Safety Code is the site-specific reference that outlines the requirements that each site shall meet when implementing and maintaining the SQF Code requirements.

What is the best way to determine which food sector category and modules apply to my site?

The best way to determine which Food Sector Category bests fits your site, please reference the Food Sector Category list and description listed in any of the SQF Codes, Edition 9, Appendix 1. This list identifies the category and provides descriptions, product examples and relevant modules. It would be best to consult with your certification body to confirm the designation of the site’s food sector category.

How much documentation is required to update our current SQF system to edition 9?

Auditors will be required to audit against all requirements (new and existing) that are contained in edition 9. Sites should evaluate their systems to ensure they meet the requirements of edition 9. It is recommended that there be at a minimum of 90 days of documentation to support any new program or requirement however that is not a requirement. The actual number depends on the program, policy or procedure that is being implemented.

Which exam or course should I buy if I want to be SQF certified?

An entire site seeks to achieve and maintain SQF certification, not just one person. However, part of a site becoming SQF certified is for the site to designate one of their employees as the SQF Practitioner. There are various requirements to become an SQF Practitioner including the following:

  1. Be employed by the site as a company employee on a full-time basis;
  2. Hold a position of responsibility in relation to the management of the site’s SQF System;
  3. Have completed a HACCP training course;
  4. Be competent to implement and maintain HACCP based food safety plans; and
  5. Have an understanding of the SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing and the requirements to implement and maintain an SQF System relevant to the site’s scope of certification.

Our Implementing SQF Systems course helps you pass the SQF exam which fulfills the “Have an understanding of the SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing and the requirements to implement and maintain an SQF System relevant to the site’s scope of certification.” requirement.

For more information on how your site can reach SQF certification, please visit: Certification Information

I’m currently an SQF food safety practitioner; will I need to retake the training or exam for the SQF Food Safety Code, edition 9?

There is no requirement to register or “certify” as a practitioner. A person in the role of a practitioner must meet the requirements of and of the SQF Food Safety Code, edition 8. Therefore, there is no need to “re-register” or “re-certify,” nor is there a need to retake either the Implementing SQF Systems course or the Implementing SQF System examination if already successfully completed to a previous edition. Please note however, that the food safety practitioner is required to have an understanding of the SQF Code [edition 9] at their level of certification and the requirements to implement and maintain SQF System relevant to the supplier scope of certification, so the practitioner may feel they will need to take further training on edition 9, which can be done with our Implementing SQF Systems for Manufacturing Course.

Implementing SQF Systems – Manufacturing: Exam

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