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Languages Offered

Languages Offered

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Introducing the Food Safety Culture Course & Workshop, developed and led by global food safety culture experts from Cultivate and Intertek Alchemy.

This unique combination gives you access to:

  • The one-of-a kind, on-demand Food Safety Culture Course, including a best practice case study, a culture gauge, and an extensive inventory of tools & resources curated just for you
  • A live, one-hour workshop led by food safety culture experts that gives you the opportunity to discuss and work through your culture plan, problems, and challenges with food industry leaders and your peers

About the Course: The on-demand course was developed in partnership with Dr. Lone Jespersen from Cultivate SA, the leading voice in food safety culture and chair of the GFSI team who helped define food safety culture requirements.

Designed to be taken individually or with your entire cross-functional leadership or culture team, this on-demand course includes the most extensive research available on the subject of culture and food safety. Work through two in-depth learning modules covering the fundamentals of food safety culture, the five dimensions of a food safety culture and the Food Safety Culture Maturity Model. Then review a case study from Lohi Seafood on how culture negatively impacted food safety and what they did to improve it.

This course is built for any leader in any department no matter the organization’s size or your job function.

What makes this course so valuable and unique is the Food Safety Culture Gauge module. In this step-by-step, interactive tool, course takers can rate their organization on the 5 dimensions of food safety culture and a unique and specific action plan is created based on your teams’ responses.

About the Workshop: After completing the course you’ll be given access to sign up for an upcoming live workshop led by Dr. Lone Jespersen of Cultivate SA and Jeff Chilton, VP of Consulting for Alchemy Systems. These are two leading voices in food safety and food safety culture who, together, will lead you through a small group discussion on your action plan and discuss best practices to help you move forward. The ability to hear from and discuss your food safety culture plan with likeminded peers plus the leadership and insights from Dr. Jespersen and Jeff Chilton make this a truly unique opportunity.

For Individuals – The Food Safety Culture course gives everything you need to understand the critical elements for building a strong food safety culture with your management team.

For Teams – The Food Safety Culture course is ideal for teams, by helping facilitate critical conversations regarding your current food safety culture and areas of opportunity to improve.

Team Discounts – To help make the team approach fit your budget, all purchases of more than one Food Safety Culture Course & Workshop will be discounted to $399. Simply add a course & workshop combo to your shopping cart, then increase the quantity to activate the discount – no code needed. After the order is complete, the Zosi Learner Portal will allow the purchaser to assign courses to each individual team member. If purchasing more than 20 Food Safety Culture course seats, please contact [email protected] for additional discounts.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

With this course, you will learn:

  • how to apply proven culture tools to change culture in a positive way
  • how to help your team understand its current behaviors
  • how to measure your current food safety culture maturity


  • Learn from the leading experts in food safety culture
  • Explore a best practice case study in a team setting/with your leadership team
  • Take a Food Safety Culture Gauge to determine your organization’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Leverage proven culture-building tools recommended by food safety culture experts
  • Get an action plan for GFSI compliance specific to your company’s current state
  • Earn a certificate of attainment after completing each learning module
  • Participate in a live workshop with the leading voices in food safety culture


  • Learn the Fundamentals of Food Safety Culture
  • Identify the five dimensions of a food safety culture
  • Explore the Food Safety Culture Maturity Model
  • Review the Lohi Seafood best practices case study
  • Use the Food Safety Culture Gauge
  • Create your culture plan for GFSI compliance
  • Discuss your plan with peers and thought leaders in a live workshop
Who Should Register?

Who Should Register?

Leaders and managers in an organization who are committed to championing and strengthening their culture to improve food safety.

Food Safety Culture Course & Workshop

135 Minutes
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