Course Bundle – Alchemy of Leadership

$399 420 Minutes

Course Bundle - Alchemy of Leadership - Zosi Learning

Languages Offered

Languages Offered

English (EN-US), Spanish (ES-US)

Please note: Subscriptions for all courses in this bundle end six months from date of purchase.



The Alchemy of Leadership eLearning Bundle includes 20 individual courses on topics related to Leading Teams and Supervising People, all at a discounted price. The courses in this bundle include:

  • Behaving Like a Leader
  • Building Trust
  • Engaging Employees
  • Managing Change
  • Valuing Differences
  • Follow Up and Follow Through
  • How to Delegate
  • Motivating Yourself and Others
  • Teamwork
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Good Impression
  • Communication Basics
  • Providing Constructive Feedback
  • Active Listening
  • Receiving Feedback
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Anger Management
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Giving a Performance Evaluation
  • Handling Employee Complaints


This comprehensive leadership development program includes both the Leading Teams and Supervising People Training Programs at a discounted bundled rate. These courses teach new and emerging supervisors the people skills they need to engage team members, reduce turnover, and boost performance.

  • This program specifically addresses challenges of supervisors and managers in the food industry
  • Practical training includes situation-specific food related scenarios
  • Course resources include follow-up activities and ongoing reinforcement, so supervisors can actively practice what they learned in their own work environment
  • 100% online, no travel costs or hassles
  • Features short, quick modules that can be watched right before a difficult workplace conversation or situation
Who Should Register

Who Should Register?

This course is ideal for supervisors and managers in the food industry, such as:

  • Food Safety Managers
  • Plant Managers
  • Food Safety Team Leaders
  • Quality Control Managers
  • Frontline Supervisors
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Maintenance Supervisors
  • Operations Managers
Instructor Details

Instructor Details

Kim Seeling-Smith

Kim Seeling-Smith

The Leading Teams and Supervising People eLearning Courses are both led with expert instruction from esteemed author and leadership training expert, Kim Seeling Smith. Kim is an expert on helping frontline managers and leaders do their best work. Her practical leadership training and programs were developed from over 20 years of experience helping companies attract, develop, and retain employees and leaders. Kim’s practical, field-proven programs help leaders:

  • Lower employee and leadership turnover
  • Elevate motivation, productivity, and performance
  • Improve organizational effectiveness

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