Where do I find my completion certificate?

Zosi offers you a place where you can easily access your certificate of completion.

Simply log in to My Portal in ZosiLearning.com and on the far left vertical navigation, select ‘My Certificates’. It’s that easy!

What courses offered actually come with a certificate of completion?

Each course will list out whether you will receive a certificate of completion. The notification can be found within the course product page description.

Do you offer any discounts or free courses?

Zosi will run special ‘Sale’ events throughout the year on select products offered at a discount for a limited time. To learn when these sales occur and to receive special discounts on other Zosi campaigns, you can register on Zosi where you would receive updates on special sales, new product offerings, and industry trends.

Where do I find the language options available on Zosi courses?

Many courses offered on Zosi are available in multiple languages. The languages offered for each course can be found on their respective product pages under ‘Languages Offered’ section.

Where can I get a copy of my receipt?

A receipt of purchase will be provided via email immediately upon purchase or your order.

Another way to get a copy of your purchase is to log in and select the My Orders button on the left side of the screen upon logging in. You will see the list of courses you purchased and on the far right

I purchased the wrong course, can I switch my course to a different one and get credit from my initial payment?

Yes you can, but certain rules apply.

As long as the wrong course has not been completed, expired, or dropped, you may request to have this course replaced with the course that you needed to take.

Please be advised that additional charges may apply if the price of the replacement course is higher than the originally purchased course.

If the price of the replacement course is lesser than the originally purchased course, you may be credited with the difference as long as it is within the 48-hour refund window.  (Please see:  Refund Policy)

For assistance, please complete the Customer Support form below and our Zosi Support Team will work directly with you to resolve your issue.

What forms of payment and payment options are available on Zosi?

Currently, payment by credit card is the only payment option available on Zosilearning.com. We accept most credit cards issued around the world.

I’m trying to purchase a course, but I’m getting an error at check out.

If you are receiving an error notification at check out, we recommend the following options.

Validate that the information you have provided is correct (Address, VAT # if applicable, and Credit Card information).

Clear your cache Click on the Tools bar.

Click on Options (On Mac, it’s labeled Preferences).

On the menu to the left, select Privacy & Security.

Under the Cookies and Site Data option, click the “Clear Data…” button.

Select only the two options and hit clear now.