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Where can I view all enrollments from my account?

To view all your course enrollments, you have assigned to your account, simply log in to your account and access the My Portal page. 

Next, select the ‘My Orders’ menu option located on the lefts side of the page and then select the order(s) listed in the account.  Within each order you will see the course(s) purchased within that order.

You will see a category section for each course (Capacity, Expiration Date, and Assign Enrollment).

Capacity indicates how many seats you have purchased (ex. 0/1 = purchased one seat for the course but has not been assigned; 1/2 = purchased two seats for the course and one has been assigned and one has not)

Expiration Date indicates the date you and/or your assignees must complete the course before your subscription/access ends.

Assign Enrollment is the place where you will be able to assign the course to anyone including yourself. If you click the carrot ‘>’ at the far right you will be taken to the course summary page where you can assign or take the course directly.

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