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OSHA Foundations

Get an overview of basic OSHA requirements and recommendations for recruiting qualified OHS personnel. With a specialized lens for food industry professionals, Zosi built OSHA Foundations to prevent workplace hazards and to effectively summarize both employer and worker responsibilities.

Course Agenda

  • Module 1
    OSHA’s Purpose, Benefits, and Requirements Overview
  • Module 2
    Walking and Working Surfaces and Fall Protection
  • Module 3
    Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, Fire Prevention Plans, and Fire Protection
  • Module 4
    Electrical Safety
  • Module 5
    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Module 6
    Toxic and Hazardous Substances, Blood-Borne Pathogens, Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomic and Hazard Communication
  • Module 7
    Hazardous Materials
  • Module 8
    Materials Handling and Storage
  • Module 9
    Machine and Machine Guarding, Hazardous Energy Control, and Confined Spaces
  • Module 10
    Successful Health and Safety Programs
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