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Food Defense Manager

Join the Food Protection and Defense Institute of Minnesota (FPDI) and Zosi for Food Defense Manager. Start your path to Food Defense Qualified Individual (FDQI) status with this comprehensive and interactive walkthrough of how to build, implement, and expand a Food Defense Plan so that your facility can effectively address intentional adulteration threats.

Course Agenda

  • Module 1: What is Food Defense?
  • Module 2: FSMA Intentional Adulteration Rule Overview
  • Module 3: Food Defense Roles
  • Module 4: Food Defense Risk Analysis Model
  • Module 5: Food Defense Plans – Vulnerability Assessment by Key Activity Types
  • Module 6: Food Defense Plans – Identification and Explanation of Mitigation Strategies
  • Module 7: Food Defense Plans – Management Components
  • Module 8: Food Defense Preparedness Programs
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