Alchemy Cookie Policy

Last Updated: April 16, 2021

            This Cookie Notice describes the use of cookies and other tracking technologies by Alchemy Systems lP. This Cookies Notice applies to cookies and tracking technologies used on or any other of our websites where this policy is posted (collectively, “sites”), or other interactions with us as described further in the Privacy Notice.  The sites, applications, and other interactions with us are collectively the “Services” in this Cookie Notice. References in this Cookie Notice to “we,” “us,” or “our,” are references to all Alchemy entities.

What Are Cookies and Related Technologies?

            A cookie is a small text file that is stored by your web browser when you visit a website. These cookies may store certain information, such as your location, IP address, and content viewed. Alchemy and our authorized third-party partners use cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies (collectively, “cookies”) to learn more about how visitors use our website.

What Information Cookies Collect

            Cookies allow us and our third-party providers to collect certain information so that we may understand an individual’s interactions with our website. For example, cookies on our sites may collect information about pages visited, time spent on a given page, courses accessed, content viewed, features used, your search queries, click data, date and time of your visit, referrals to our website, and other data regarding your use of the platform.

How We Use Cookies

            Cookies serve a variety of purposes. They allow us to learn about use of our online services for the purpose of improving services, developing products and services, understanding users’ habits and satisfaction, and improving the functioning of the website. They also allow us to improve the browsing experience for users by customizing the website for users, facilitating navigation between webpages, saving content, and remembering users’ preferences. In addition, these technologies help us deliver targeted marketing on our website that are more relevant to users’ interests.

Types of Cookies Used On This Website and For What Purpose

We use the following types of cookies and technologies:

First and Third-Party Cookies

            We use first party cookies on our website, which are cookies that belong to Alchemy and that Alchemy places on the website. We also use third party cookies on our website, which are cookies that another party places on Alchemy’s website. Some third-party cookies may gather information about your browsing activity to deliver advertising to you on other websites relevant to their interests.

How to Manage Cookies

            You can manage or disable cookies (except for strictly necessary cookies) at any time by adjusting your browser settings. Browsers are different, so you should refer to the settings menu of your browser for instructions on how to change your cookie preferences. If you choose not to receive cookies, our website may not function properly, and certain services may not be available.

You can find information on how to manage cookie settings on certain browsers through these links:

You may opt-out of Google Analytics by visiting Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

You can find out more information about cookies in general and how to manage them by visiting the website Third party cookies can be managed through your browser (as described above) or by reviewing the third-party’s website for more information about cookie management and how to “opt-out” of receiving cookies from them.

How To Contact Us

            If you have questions or concerns about the use of cookies on our website, please contact the data privacy office at [email protected].