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What is a PCQI?

A PCQI is a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual. PCQIs are employees within a facility that create and implement the Food Safety Plan. Once the Food Safety Plan is in place, the PCQI must also validate the plan and fully document its effectiveness. With thorough training and active modeling of best practices, PCQIs act as facilitators and leaders in a positive food safety culture within your facility.

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Why does a facility need a PCQI and FSPCA-approved training?

If your facility is in the United States or produces food for the United States, the FSMA Final Rule for Human Food applies to you. This rule requires every U.S. facility to have a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual, or PCQI. PCQIs must undergo FSPCA-approved training, including 16 modules of standardized curriculum. The Zosi curriculum comprises not only the required material, but also a virtual instructor-led session to provide further clarification on Preventive Controls for Human Food requirements. This training helps you understand and address possible concerns that might come up in your facility and reduce the risk of costly recalls.

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How does Zosi help?

Zosi offers a fully online course to fulfill FSMA requirements and give you PCQI certification. Our FSPCA PCQI training offers a blend of self-paced learning and virtual instruction to ensure a deeper comprehension of FSPCA-required topics and gain valuable insight from instructors with decades of experience. Our team of Consultants built this course to help those seeking PCQI certification and needing to fulfill FSMA training expectations without leaving their facility. The online learning environment gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace, stopping and restarting as needed.

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