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How will the person I enrolled in be able to access their course?

Upon your completion of purchase of the course(s) you placed, you will be able to assign the course(s) within the Course Portal. You will be instructed to create a login with username and password.

When you are logged into the Zosi Course Portal, you will then go to the My Orders tab located in the far left red box (see screen shot below)

You will see the list that should have the course(s) you purchased, and under the category ‘Assign Enrollment’, there is an ‘Assign’ notification located on the right of the screenshot above. Select the ‘Assign’ callout that sits on the row of the course.

Once you select ‘Assign’ on the same row as the course you are ready to set up, you will be presented with an ‘Assign Enrollment’ box (see screen shot above).

It is here that you will enter the person you wish to register to take the course you purchased in your account. The person you enrolled will be sent a notification email instructing them that they have a course waiting for them with instructions on how to access it. So it is important to provide the correct email when you assign the new course purchase.

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