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7 Ways to Prevent Foreign Material in Food

Perform Thorough Risk Assessments Preventing foreign material in your production begins with robust risk assessments of your delivery and storage areas, production lines, building and facility perimeter. Don’t rush and be sure to pay attention to the details. Potential risks include loose floor aggregate, caulking in the ceiling or wall panels, overhead lights, nuts, bolts […]

3 Reasons Why Zosi Learning is the Best Place to Earn Your Better Process Control School Certification

In the dynamic landscape of food processing, ensuring the highest quality and standards is a non-negotiable. As the demand for top-notch control and management processes continues to rise, selecting the right Better Process Control School (BPCS) training becomes paramount. In this blog post, we will uncover 3 reasons why Zosi Learning is the best place […]

Internal Auditing: 5 Tips for Building Your Best Internal Audit Team

Effective internal audits should never be conducted by a single individual. Instead, your facility must assemble a multi-disciplinary team of at least two or more individuals to conduct robust internal audits. The size of the internal audit team always depends on the size of the operation. Team members must possess foundational internal audit training. This […]

What you need to know before becoming a PCQI

Are you thinking about becoming a PCQI? Does someone on your team to need to take PCQI training? Meet our lead instructor, Jeff Chilton, as he discusses what makes a PCQI successful, the key knowledge a PCQI needs and how he thinks training should be approached. Intertek Alchemy is excited to share that Jeff Chilton, VP […]

Mitigate Supply Chain Risks with These Two Steps

In food production, risks are everywhere. As discussed in our prior article, a risk mitigation mindset helps reduce risks by enabling teams to proactively identify issues before they become problems. But what about the risks outside of your doors? The global food supply chain can introduce threats, including biological, chemical, and physical ingredients, that can put […]

7 Steps to Develop a Risk Mitigation Mindset

In the food industry, leaders must create and maintain a food safety culture that empowers teams to identify and respond to issues before they become serious problems. The most effective path toward this culture is through a risk mitigation mindset. Risk mitigation is the process of understanding certain risks and threats, accepting that they exist, […]

Training and Skills for a New Generation of Food Defense Experts 

At a time when the world’s food supply remains fragile and unpredictable, a new generation of food defense professionals is emerging. Many food professionals are taking on this role for the first time or with limited experience. Others lack historical knowledge that left with colleagues during the great resignation.  These employees might have experience with […]

Advance Your Food Safety Culture with a Stronger Sense of Purpose

Regulations are essential in protecting the quality of foods everywhere. But they can only go so far. Food safety can only truly be effective when it’s part of a mature food safety culture. Part of that culture involves understanding who is responsible for food safety and why it’s important. Some frontline workers might say it’s […]

New Customizable Food Safety Culture Training Program Drives Continuous Improvement and GFSI Compliance

Intertek Alchemy is excited to announce a new online food safety culture training program for food industry leaders that builds and maintains an informed culture coalition within their organizations. The unique solution includes GFSI-based food safety culture instruction, complimented with a best practice case study and a food safety culture gauge that provides custom action […]

Internal Auditing Basic & Advanced Courses

When you look at it from the perspective of ISO 19011 – the guidelines for auditing management system – an internal audit can be defined as a systematic, independent, and documented process for obtaining audit evidence and evaluating it objectively to determine the extent to which the audit criteria is fulfilled.

Seven Principles to Building a Successful HACCP Program

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plans are the backbone of any food safety program. They prioritize and control potential hazards in food production for the entire food supply chain.

Reinforce Food Defense with Managers, Supervisors and Frontline Employees

Most consumers are generally confident food manufacturers are taking every possible precaution to ensure the safety of the food they put on their tables. Inspections, regulations, and best practices can go a long way to keeping foods safe. But one of the biggest threats remains from within.

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