Fresh Food Safety Solutions for the Produce Industry

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The safety of the food we produce for consumption isn’t just key to growing your business and complying with FSMA’s Produce Safety Rule. Food safety is in everyone’s best interest – whether working with consumer groups or regulatory bodies. In partnership with Produce Marketing Association and the Center for Growing Talent, Zosi proudly presents this hub of online resources to help professionals at all career levels cultivate and grow their produce safety, crisis management, and quality control skillset.

Blog Posts

Sanitation Best Practices for the Produce Industry

This quickstart guide to produce sanitation helps eliminate public health threats, guarantee the production of safe foods, and inspire confidence in consumers.

Getting Guidance on the Produce Safety Rule

Understand the ins and outs of FSMA’s Produce Safety Rule for farms engaged in the growing, harvesting, packing, or holding of raw agricultural commodities (fruits, vegetables) for human consumption.

Food Safety Crisis Management 101

What is food safety crisis management, and what does it involve? Find out in this blog post.

Building Your Produce Safety Program: Focus on Agriculture Water

When developing a comprehensive, science and risk-based produce safety program, agricultural water uses must be a top priority. Learn agricultural water management basics with PMA’s Dr. Bob Whitaker.

7 Steps to Effective Sanitation

Get a closer look at the factors involved in food sanitation on a production and manufacturing level.

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White Papers

Traceability White Paper from Alchemy Academy

Adding Brand Trust with Increased Traceability

Evolving traceability demands for food suppliers can create pressure to follow the latest trends. This free white paper delves into the transformation of traceability in food production and manufacturing.


Essentials of Produce Safety Course

Establish produce safety best practices in your facility and minimize risk with this self-paced online course.

FS Crisis Management Simulation

Become a produce industry CEO and learn to navigate a foodborne illness outbreak in this choose-your-adventure style crisis management simulation from Alchemy Academy and PMA/CGT.

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