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How to Prepare for a Kosher Inspection by Department

So, you’ve chosen to pursue kosher certification. Your visit from the rabbi is looming, so what can you do to prepare for the kosher inspection? Each department must keep up with certain routine tasks to ensure that the facility is ready for a visit from the rabbi representing the kosher certification agency.

A Quick-Guide to Common Kosher Symbols

Whether you are a kosher food manufacturer or a kosher consumer, a basic understanding of kosher food labels is necessary to ensure the products you handle at work or home abide by kosher dietary laws. Certifying agencies use distinctive symbols to label kosher-certified foods. However, some additional universal designators help consumers immediately identify ingredients in […]

Understanding Food Defense Risk Analysis

Cultural Sensitivity During Your Visit from the Rabbi

So, you’ve decided to include kosher foods in your production. You’ve studied guidelines, perfected processes, and even read our blog on what to expect during your kosher inspection, but there may be a missing piece of the puzzle. The rabbi who visits your facility will be an Orthodox Jew. Thus, it is critical to familiarize […]

Passover Prep: Special Kosher Certification Explained

In kosher production, there are special circumstances that warrant extra concerns and requirements. One of these is Passover. Passover spans eight days each spring and is one of the most widely celebrated Jewish holidays. During Passover, kosher consumers do not eat or possess any “chametz” or leavened grain (or its derivatives).

Easy As P.I.E: The Keys to Kosher Beverage Production

What makes a beverage kosher? The answer begins with a discussion of where and how kosher production impacts your beverage plant.

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What to Expect from a Kosher Inspection

Whether you’ve weighed the benefits of product diversification and have already entered the kosher food industry or you’re just getting your feet wet, you may find yourself curious about the steps to kosher certification.

What Kosher Means to Your Facility

While the word “kosher” has entered mainstream culture references, kosher food production demands strict adherence to a set of religious rules.