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As the hospitality industry continues to evolve and adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, Zosi continues to provide new guidance for the issues facing:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Retail companies
  • And more!

Your operation must understand key COVID-19 safety and sanitation protocols, regain consumer trust, and build infection control programs to keep your consumers, employees, and brand safe. Our blogs, online courses, white papers, and more are here to help you succeed in doing just that.


Six Types of Infection Control Measures for the Hospitality Industry

Not all control measures are created equal. Understand which infection control measures will work best in your hospitality business with this guide.

What Safety and Hygiene in the Hospitality Industry Means for You

Discover best practices to help lead your business to sanitation success.


Hospitality Management Principles for Preventing the Spread of Infection

Break the chain of transmission in your business and regain consumer trust with our newest Protek course, developed in partnership with Intertek Cristal. Enroll and explore our in-depth overview of key COVID-19 safety protocols, what a coordinated POSI response program consists of, and how to respond dynamically to the risk of infection.

Protek – People Assurance Certification Course

Certify your team in COVID-19 safety protocols with the only certification that shows the public you are certified to keep them safe.

White Papers

White Paper Preview - Your Guide to Infection Control Programs for the Hospitality Industry

Your Guide to Infection Control Programs for the Hospitality Industry

Preventing the spread of infection is imperative to keep guests, employees, and third parties safe. Expanded infection prevention and control programs enable your hotel to manage this spread while maintaining the core function of providing an exceptional guest experience. Understand the steps to building your infection control program with this comprehensive overview.

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