Now more than ever, it’s vital for every business to assure the public knows your products, services, and places are safe. Where should you start with reinforcing customer confidence in your brand? Your people!

Protek People Assurance is a robust manufacturing training and assessment program that provides companies looking to train 100+ employees on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis proof your employees can meet rigorous and robust protocols for sanitation, hygiene, risk mitigation, and more.

Why Should I Choose Alchemy Express?

Alchemy Express works best for large enterprises searching for a workforce-wide solution. With Alchemy Express you can:

  • Leverage Intertek Alchemy’s world-class training library inside your current system
  • Seamlessly receive course updates without the hassle of additional effort
  • Easily assign courses to your existing team inside your platform
  • Manage your courseware from a self-service download portal
  • Minimize your training & on-boarding time by using a tool you are already familiar with

The Alchemy Express Signature Formula

Every Alchemy Express course showcases Intertek Alchemy’s award-winning signature eLearning features:

Icon - Laptop and Courseware

Content and imagery based on real-world scenarios

Icon - Time

Course durations that solidify engagement & minimize
time off-site

Icon - Courseware Quizzes and Remediation

Quizzes and remediation loops to bolster comprehension

Tell Me More

The Protek People Assurance training program offers eLearning courses in multiple languages:

  • COVID-19 Overview
  • Face Masks
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Hand Washing
  • Glove Use
  • Public Health Etiquette
  • Vehicles of Disease Transmission
  • Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Public Health Screening