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Energy Conservation

Energy is used everywhere. It lights our homes and facilities runs heating and cooling systems, and powers equipment of all types. Some energy comes from renewable resources; however, much of the energy we use comes from nonrenewable sources. This course provides examples of some of the measures a company may take to conserve energy [...]

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Environmental Management System: Overview

An environmental management system is used by a company to determine how its activities impact the environment, and to meet regulatory and compliance obligations. This course explains how a company uses an environmental management system to determine how it can improve, and stresses the importance of everyone playing an active role to support the [...]

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Environmental Responsibility: Introduction

Some of the resources we use are renewable; however, some are not. Once used up, they’re gone forever. This is why we all have to be careful about how many resources we use. This course introduces the concept of corporate environmental responsibility and provides a call to action for learners to promote environmental responsibility [...]

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Everyday Sustainability

Environmental responsibility should be kept top of mind, whether at work or at home. Everyone can make a difference! This course promotes sustainable living and offers tips for how to promote environmental responsibility at home through the reuse of items, energy and water conservation, vehicle maintenance, and upkeep of outdoor areas. Learning Objectives Describe [...]

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Hazardous Waste Awareness

Hazardous waste is waste that can cause or increase mortality, illness, and otherwise poses a present or potential hazard to human health or the environment when improperly stored, treated, transported, or disposed of. This course identifies common types of hazardous waste, discusses the danger of improper hazardous waste storage, and offers examples of how [...]

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Pollution:  Air, Water, Noise

Many types of environmental releases can result from the operations of a facility: wastewater, air emissions, nuisance odors, and even excessive noise. This course introduces examples of the types of measures companies put into place to prevent environmental releases, offers tips for how everyone can help control releases and discusses how to report environmental [...]

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Process Waste Prevention

Process waste can occur due to damage, quality issues, and even improper setup of equipment. Process waste is a serious problem, as results in lost time and money. This course provides tips for how waste may be prevented through proper handling of products, equipment maintenance, organization, and tracking of items. Learning Objectives Understand the [...]

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Recycling Basics

Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new materials and objects. Recycling can prevent the waste of potentially useful materials and reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials. This course introduces the importance of a company recycling program and offers tips for how everyone can promote recycling. Learning Objectives Recognize the importance of [...]

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Spill Prevention

Many types of oils, oil-based substances, and other hazardous substances may be used at a facility. Spills of these substances are a human and environmental hazard. This course explains the role of a spill prevention plan for preventing and responding to spills, and stresses the importance of all employees reporting leaks, spills, and anything [...]

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Stormwater Runoff

Stormwater runoff is rain or snowmelt that flows over land and is not absorbed into the soil. As the stormwater runoff moves across surfaces, it picks up trash, debris, and pollutants that can affect wildlife and enter the drinking water system. This course explains how a company and employees can play an active role [...]

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Waste Reduction

Many types of waste may be generated as a result of the operations at a facility. However, excessive waste can be detrimental to the environment. This course introduces techniques a company may use to reduce the amount of waste generated and offers tips for how everyone can reduce the amount of personal waste they [...]

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Water Conservation

Facilities and operations use lots of water, for production, manufacturing, maintenance, cleaning, rinsing of products, etc. While it might seem that water is an unlimited resource, the freshwater we need is in fact a limited resource. This course provides examples of some water measures a company may take to conserve water and offers water [...]

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