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Proper Workplace Conduct

Every day in the workplace we interact with other people, and it’s important to be able to get along appropriately with our coworkers. This course introduces some good habits that show appropriate workplace behavior and explores how good listening skills and interactions can contribute to a positive environment. It also covers some good practices [...]

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Respirators: Introduction – General

A hazardous atmosphere is an atmosphere that lacks sufficient oxygen, contains toxic air, or is otherwise hazardous to human health. This course discusses the dangers of a hazardous atmosphere and identifies two common types of respirators that are worn in a hazardous atmosphere. It also identifies the types of additional training that are required [...]

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Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips and trips can result from a variety of situations including the condition of the surface, misplaced items where people walk, or even personal distractions. This course explains how slips and trips can occur inside or outside a facility and looks at some things that can be done to prevent these accidents from occurring. [...]

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Social Skills in the Workplace

Social skills at work directly impact your performance and the performance of others. The way you act at work directly affects your chances of succeeding. This course shows how you should respond when a problem occurs at work by communicating the issue to your supervisor. It also talks about how to listen to and [...]

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Substance Abuse Awareness

Substance abuse happens when you use or consume a drug or other substance in amounts that can cause harm. This course provides examples of certain substances, how they can affect an individual and provides a tip for what to do if you suspect substance abuse is taking place in the workplace. Learning Objectives Know [...]

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Working at Height

During the workday, it’s often necessary to use ladders, stepladders, or other means to work at a height off the ground. However, there are risks associated with working at height, such as falls. This lesson introduces some of the common causes of accidents related to work at height, and offers some good practices to [...]

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Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

Harassment and discrimination in the workplace are illegal if the treatment is based upon some protected status of the employee such as his or her race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. This course identifies types and examples of workplace harassment and discrimination and covers what you should do if you are facing a [...]

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Workplace Violence

Workplace violence occurs when violent acts take place at work and can range from verbal abuse and threats, all the way to assault, beatings, and homicide. This course explores the progressive nature of violent behavior and discusses signs and actions that a person can look out for that could lead to workplace violence. It [...]

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