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Leadership: Good Impression – General Manufacturing

What you say and how you behave leaves people with a certain impression about who you are. You can be an excellent supervisor, but if your behavior gives people a negative impression, it will be difficult to lead well. Good Impressions are vital to your success. This course discusses how to make a good [...]

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Leadership: Handling Employee Complaints

A leader should be prepared to manage, handle, and resolve employee complaints and grievances quickly and effectively. Your ability to do this will help your team feel confident in speaking up about important issues. Learning Objectives Your role in handling employee complaints. The importance of asking enough questions to fully understand the real complaint. [...]

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Leadership: How to Delegate

Leaders often need to delegate tasks and responsibilities. Learning how to delegate well can increase your team’s overall productivity. Effective delegation can also increase your team’s sense of pride in and ownership of their work. Learning Objectives Why it’s important to delegate. What kinds of tasks make sense for delegation and who to delegate [...]

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Leadership: Managing Change

Change is constant in any manufacturing environment. Learning effective change management can help you successfully lead your team through a variety of situations. Learning Objectives Why resistance to change is normal and expected. How your role as a leader impacts your employees’ ability to embrace change. How to use the 3 Cs of Change [...]

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Leadership: Motivating Yourself and Others

Learning to motivate yourself and others is a critical skill for success as a leader. Motivation is the key to completing tasks and activities that seem routine or repetitive. You’ll also need the motivation to keep people driven to move forward through challenging work. This course introduces motivation skills in leadership. Learning Objectives Why [...]

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Leadership: Teamwork

Well-functioning teams work smarter, not harder. They collaborate well, share ideas, and accomplish more with fewer problems. Understanding how to foster teamwork through leadership is critical to your success. Learning Objectives What is teamwork and why is it important. The four key behaviors of a great team. The Four Stages of Team Development.

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Lift Truck Safety Awareness – Manufacturing

Lift trucks are powerful machines that are often used in the workplace to transport and lift heavy materials. This forklift training course covers some of the common characteristics of forklifts and identifies who can operate a forklift. It also talks about the precautions to take when working near a lift truck. Learning Objectives Identify [...]

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Lockout/Tagout Procedures – Manufacturing

Anytime equipment is maintained, a lockout/tagout procedure must be followed to prevent the equipment from being used and releasing dangerous energy. This course covers the importance of lockout/tagout, and how following procedures can help prevent injuries and work-related deaths. It also covers some of the hazardous energy sources in a facility. Learning Objectives Recognize [...]

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Machine Guarding

Machine guards prevent injuries by stopping workers from contacting dangerous moving parts of equipment. This course introduces some of the most common types of machine guards and machine safety devices. It also covers the employee’s responsibilities when working with machines, and discusses how to help keep hands safe at work. Learning Objectives Understand the [...]

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Manufacturing

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is designed to protect you from serious injury or illness from a variety of hazards. This course surveys some common types of PPE and the dangers they protect from and shows examples of the types of items that are NOT considered PPE. Learning Objectives Identify PPE that can protect [...]

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Physical and Mental Health and Well-being

Navigating a public health crisis is a stressful experience for everyone. Not only should you take whatever steps you can to reduce the risk of getting sick, you also need to look for ways to keep yourself healthy. This course explores various ways you can help protect both your physical and mental health. Learning [...]

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Preventing Illness at Work and Home

The choices you make every day can influence your life at work and at home. During a health crisis, the choices we make are even more important. This is why it’s so important for each of us to focus on preventing illness. This course explores some of the ways you can help prevent illness [...]

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