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GHS: Safety Data Sheets

A Safety Data Sheet is a document that provides detailed information on the properties and hazards of a substance, so that workers may quickly and easily retrieve important information about the substance with which they are working. This course provides an overview of the format of a Safety Data Sheet and identifies the types [...]

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Hearing Protection – Manufacturing

The level of noise from machinery and equipment can be very high in a manufacturing or processing environment. Long-term exposure to these high noise levels can cause significant hearing loss. This course emphasizes the importance of hearing protection. It covers the different types of hearing protection available in most workplaces and discusses some general [...]

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Heat Exhaustion

Some areas in a manufacturing or processing facility can have fairly high temperatures compared to normal “room temperature.” However, prolonged exposure to high heat can be dangerous, leading to serious physical consequences for the exposed person. This course covers what to do when a person experiences heat stress, including basic immediate first aid actions [...]

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Hoists & Slings

Hoists and slings help you avoid injuries like muscle pulls, strains, and sprains since they do the heavy lifting for you. However, they can only be used by trained and authorized employees. This course explains the purpose of a hoist and sling, and introduces the importance hoist and sling safety and inspections. Learning Objectives [...]

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Hot Work

This course introduces hot work to the learner. Hot work is any work that produces heat, like welding. Once introduced to the topic, the learner will see some standard hot work safety precations that are taken to reduce the chances of a fire. Later, the learner is introduced to what a fire watch is [...]

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Ladder Safety

Ladders come in a variety of shapes and sizes and may be fixed or portable. Before any type of ladder is used, there are several precautions that must be taken. This course introduces the basics of ladder safety, including the need for inspections and proper setup. It also covers food practices to follow when [...]

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Leadership: Building Trust

The key to a well-performing team is trust. When your employees trust you, they naturally perform better. Learn best practices for building trust as a leader. Learning Objectives Why trust is critical to leadership. How to build trust with your employees. How to rebuild trust when it’s lost.

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Leadership: Disciplinary Action

Sometimes it is necessary to take disciplinary action when employees do not follow policy or process. You are responsible for learning your role in the disciplinary process and how to accomplish it legally, effectively, and fairly. Learning Objectives What disciplinary action is. What your role is within the disciplinary process and how to deliver [...]

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Leadership: Engaging Employees

Employees that are highly engaged with their work tend to work harder perform their tasks better and truly enjoy their work. A highly engaged employee is a great asset to any leader. Learning Objectives What employee engagement are the links between employee engagement and employee motivation, productivity, and performance. An introduction to the 8 [...]

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Leadership: Follow Up and Follow Through

Leaders often need to delegate tasks and responsibilities. Learning how to delegate well can increase your team’s overall productivity. Effective delegation can also increase your team’s sense of pride in and ownership of their work. Learning Objectives Why it’s important to delegate. What kinds of tasks make sense for delegation and who to delegate [...]

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Leadership: Giving a Performance Evaluation

As a leader, you may be asked to give performance evaluations. It’s important to know how to conduct regular coaching sessions as well as formal performance reviews. Learning Objectives Why performance reviews are important. How to prepare for, conduct, and document a performance review. How to set meaningful goals.

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Leadership: Valuing Differences

Production sites are becoming increasingly diverse, and diversity can make teams much more effective. So valuing diversity and inclusion is essential to keeping employees productive and motivated. Learning Objectives Why you should be valuing diversity in the workplace How to help people better understand each other to allow them to accept their differences and [...]

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