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Fire Prevention and Protection – Manufacturing

In your workplace, there may be materials and equipment that could potentially be a fire hazard. This course covers the purpose of a fire prevention plan, and the nature of potential fire hazards in the workplace. It also covers some basic actions to take in case a fire occurs. Learning Objectives Recognize the importance [...]

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GHS: Introduction – Manufacturing

This course is an introduction to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling for Chemicals, or GHS. Many countries use similar systems to communicate information about hazardous materials. Learning Objectives Understand that training is available for hazardous chemicals. Recognize a basic responsibility regarding hazardous chemicals.

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GHS: Labels – Manufacturing

A Standard Label is used to identify a hazardous substance. All labels must have pictograms, a signal word, hazard and precautionary statements, the product identifier, and supplier identification. This course provides an overview of the format of a Standard Label and identifies the types of information that may be found on a label. Learning [...]

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GHS: Pictograms and Hazards – Manufacturing

Pictograms are visual symbols used to convey information about the physical and health hazards of a chemical. This course introduces the hazard pictograms used as part of the Globally Harmonized System. Learning Objectives Understand the purpose of pictograms Identify the pictograms representing hazards related to flammables and oxidizers Identify the pictograms representing hazards from [...]

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GHS: Safety Data Sheets

A Safety Data Sheet is a document that provides detailed information on the properties and hazards of a substance, so that workers may quickly and easily retrieve important information about the substance with which they are working. This course provides an overview of the format of a Safety Data Sheet and identifies the types [...]

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Health Screening

Health screening refers to a test or measurement that determines if an individual has a condition, such as if they’re sick, or if they’re already been exposed to and recovered from an illness or disease. It is one of the most essential tools of public health. This course introduces the role of health screening [...]

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Hearing Protection – Manufacturing

The level of noise from machinery and equipment can be very high in a manufacturing or processing environment. Long-term exposure to these high noise levels can cause significant hearing loss. This course emphasizes the importance of hearing protection. It covers the different types of hearing protection available in most workplaces and discusses some general [...]

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Heat Exhaustion

Some areas in a manufacturing or processing facility can have fairly high temperatures compared to normal “room temperature.” However, prolonged exposure to high heat can be dangerous, leading to serious physical consequences for the exposed person. This course covers what to do when a person experiences heat stress, including basic immediate first aid actions [...]

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Hoists & Slings

Hoists and slings help you avoid injuries like muscle pulls, strains, and sprains since they do the heavy lifting for you. However, they can only be used by trained and authorized employees. This course explains the purpose of a hoist and sling, and introduces the importance hoist and sling safety and inspections. Learning Objectives [...]

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Hot Work

This course introduces hot work to the learner. Hot work is any work that produces heat, like welding. Once introduced to the topic, the learner will see some standard hot work safety precations that are taken to reduce the chances of a fire. Later, the learner is introduced to what a fire watch is [...]

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How Diseases Spread

One of the keys to preventing employee illnesses is understanding how they spread. While some pathogens require a living host to survive, others can survive on everyday surfaces. This course details the different types of surfaces that can harbor germs, and provides suggestions for reducing these risks. Learning Objectives Identify a surface where pathogens [...]

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Infectious Disease Management Program for Leaders

Welcome to the Infectious Disease Management course. This course provides guidance to food processing and manufacturing companies in developing and implementing an Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan. Following the tips and best practices embedded in this course can help you prevent and mitigate the risk of infectious diseases in your facility. Learning Objectives [...]

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