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Confined Spaces: Basics – Manufacturing

Confined spaces such as storage tanks and silos can be very dangerous if a person enters one without following the required safety procedures. This course explains the difference between a permit-required and non-permit confined space, and discusses principles fo confined space safety. It also explains that only Authorized Entrants are allowed to enter a [...]

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Conveyor Safety – Manufacturing

Conveyor systems save time and effort by moving many materials at once, some of which may be heavy. This conveyer safety awareness course discusses ways to stay safe when working with and around conveyor systems. It also explores the dangers associated with conveyors, like pinch points, and the need to wear properly-fitted PPE and clothing. [...]

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Crisis Management Skills for Leaders

A crisis upends life as we know it, both at home and at work. As a result, employees may have trouble focusing on their work. This course explores the types of issues a team may be facing and discusses how you, as a supervisor or manager, can develop the confidence to help your team [...]

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Cybersecurity: Overview

The weakest link in a company’s cybersecurity plan is its users. Zosi’s computer safety training introduces some of the ways cybersecurity threats occur and what to do about them. Ideal for office employees, where participants learn how to recognize, avoid, and prevent phishing attacks, and more! Whether you use a computer at home or work, [...]

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Deep Cleaning Procedures for Leaders

Infectious disease outbreaks point out the need for businesses to continually monitor cleaning and disinfecting guidelines and modify them as needed to keep employees and visitors safe. This course is designed to guide you in developing or evaluating your Master Cleaning Program and making the necessary changes in deep cleaning procedures to address public [...]

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Diversity & Inclusion

Every person is different, and these differences are vital and essential qualities. Appreciating the differences in people leads to a healthy workplace and increased productivity. This course explains what diversity is, the importance of diversity and inclusion at work, and why we must be tolerant of people’s differences and respond to others with a [...]

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Emergency Preparedness – Manufacturing

Natural or man-made emergencies can happen at any time. To help prepare for the unexpected, emergency action plans are developed to facilitate and organize employer and employee actions during a workplace emergency. This course covers the basic elements of an emergency action plan, explains a basic evacuation procedure, and discusses how to shelter-in-place during [...]

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Emergency Preparedness: Infectious Disease Plan Development

Having an Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan in place is a critical component in your organization’s emergency preparedness tool kit. This course discusses the process of developing, implementing, and maintaining a robust Infectious Disease Plan. Learning Objectives Identify the components of the Infectious Disease Plan Define the roles and responsibilities of a qualified [...]

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Ergonomics – General Manufacturing

Industrial ergonomics is the practice of designing tasks and workspaces to coordinate most efficiently with the way our bodies are designed. This course discusses the relationship between ergonomics and musculoskeletal disorders, identifies the types of activities that can contribute to problems, and how to help reduce body strain when working. Learning Objectives Understand the [...]

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Fall Protection

Falls from heights are among the leading causes of serious work-related injuries and deaths. For this reason, you must always be careful when working on an elevated surface. This course provides examples of the types of systems used for fall protection and introduces good practices for inspecting fall protection systems and lifts before they [...]

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Family and Medical Leave Act

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law that requires employers to allow extended leave from work for certain family and medical conditions. This course explores some examples of when a person might need to take FMLA leave and discusses the eligibility requirements and responsibilities of a person taking leave. Learning [...]

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Fire Extinguishers: Introduction

Many fires in the workplace can be controlled if put out immediately using a fire extinguisher. This course discusses the different types of fire extinguishers used to extinguish a variety of fuel sources and explains how a fire extinguisher works to put out a fire. It also discusses some important steps to take if [...]

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