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Bloodborne Pathogens – Manufacturing

Bloodborne pathogens are harmful microorganisms that exist in human blood and can be spread through contact with contaminated blood and body fluids. This course covers some of the common ways people can experience bloodborne pathogen exposure, as well as how to help prevent bloodborne pathogen exposure by following Universal Precautions. It also discusses the [...]

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Canada Leave of Absence

There are various types of leave that allow you to take usually unpaid and job-protected time off from work to care for your family or handle a medical emergency. This course identifies the types of leave that may be taken and the benefits that may be available. It also discusses your responsibilities for informing [...]

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Compressed Gas Cylinders – Manufacturing

When storing compressed gas cylinders, it’s important to do it right. This course introduces the learner to proper compressed gas safety procedures, such as how to handle and store compressed gas cylinders. Safe practices to prevent damage and injury are also introduced. Learning Objectives Identify a good practice for handling gas cylinders. Identify a [...]

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Confined Spaces: Basics – Manufacturing

Confined spaces such as storage tanks and silos can be very dangerous if a person enters one without following the required safety procedures. This course explains the difference between a permit-required and non-permit confined space, and discusses principles fo confined space safety. It also explains that only Authorized Entrants are allowed to enter a [...]

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Conveyor Safety – Manufacturing

Conveyor systems save time and effort by moving many materials at once, some of which may be heavy. This conveyer safety awareness course discusses ways to stay safe when working with and around conveyor systems. It also explores the dangers associated with conveyors, like pinch points, and the need to wear properly-fitted PPE and clothing. [...]

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Cybersecurity: Overview

The weakest link in a company’s cybersecurity plan is its users. Zosi’s computer safety training introduces some of the ways cybersecurity threats occur and what to do about them. Ideal for office employees, where participants learn how to recognize, avoid, and prevent phishing attacks, and more! Whether you use a computer at home or work, [...]

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Emergency Preparedness – Manufacturing

Natural or man-made emergencies can happen at any time. To help prepare for the unexpected, emergency action plans are developed to facilitate and organize employer and employee actions during a workplace emergency. This course covers the basic elements of an emergency action plan, explains a basic evacuation procedure, and discusses how to shelter-in-place during [...]

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Emergency Preparedness: Infectious Disease Plan Development

Having an Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Plan in place is a critical component in your organization’s emergency preparedness tool kit. This course discusses the process of developing, implementing, and maintaining a robust Infectious Disease Plan. Learning Objectives Identify the components of the Infectious Disease Plan Define the roles and responsibilities of a qualified [...]

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Ergonomics – General Manufacturing

Industrial ergonomics is the practice of designing tasks and workspaces to coordinate most efficiently with the way our bodies are designed. This course discusses the relationship between ergonomics and musculoskeletal disorders, identifies the types of activities that can contribute to problems, and how to help reduce body strain when working. Learning Objectives Understand the [...]

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GHS: Introduction – Manufacturing

This course is an introduction to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling for Chemicals, or GHS. Many countries use similar systems to communicate information about hazardous materials. Learning Objectives Understand that training is available for hazardous chemicals. Recognize a basic responsibility regarding hazardous chemicals.

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GHS: Labels – Manufacturing

A Standard Label is used to identify a hazardous substance. All labels must have pictograms, a signal word, hazard and precautionary statements, the product identifier, and supplier identification. This course provides an overview of the format of a Standard Label and identifies the types of information that may be found on a label. Learning [...]

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GHS: Pictograms and Hazards – Manufacturing

Pictograms are visual symbols used to convey information about the physical and health hazards of a chemical. This course introduces the hazard pictograms used as part of the Globally Harmonized System. Learning Objectives Understand the purpose of pictograms Identify the pictograms representing hazards related to flammables and oxidizers Identify the pictograms representing hazards from [...]

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GHS: Safety Data Sheets – General Manufacturing

A Safety Data Sheet is a document that provides detailed information on the properties and hazards of a substance, so that workers may quickly and easily retrieve important information about the substance with which they are working. This course provides an overview of the format of a Safety Data Sheet and identifies the types [...]

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Hearing Protection – Manufacturing

The level of noise from machinery and equipment can be very high in a manufacturing or processing environment. Long-term exposure to these high noise levels can cause significant hearing loss. This course emphasizes the importance of hearing protection. It covers the different types of hearing protection available in most workplaces and discusses some general [...]

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Hoists & Slings

Hoists and slings help you avoid injuries like muscle pulls, strains, and sprains since they do the heavy lifting for you. However, they can only be used by trained and authorized employees. This course explains the purpose of a hoist and sling, and introduces the importance hoist and sling safety and inspections. Learning Objectives [...]

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Leadership: Handling Employee Complaints

A leader should be prepared to manage, handle, and resolve employee complaints and grievances quickly and effectively. Your ability to do this will help your team feel confident in speaking up about important issues. Learning Objectives Your role in handling employee complaints. The importance of asking enough questions to fully understand the real complaint. [...]

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Lift Truck Safety Awareness – Manufacturing

Lift trucks are powerful machines that are often used in the workplace to transport and lift heavy materials. This forklift training course covers some of the common characteristics of forklifts and identifies who can operate a forklift. It also talks about the precautions to take when working near a lift truck. Learning Objectives Identify [...]

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Lockout/Tagout Procedures – Manufacturing

Anytime equipment is maintained, a lockout/tagout procedure must be followed to prevent the equipment from being used and releasing dangerous energy. This course covers the importance of lockout/tagout, and how following procedures can help prevent injuries and work-related deaths. It also covers some of the hazardous energy sources in a facility. Learning Objectives Recognize [...]

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Manufacturing

Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is designed to protect you from serious injury or illness from a variety of hazards. This course surveys some common types of PPE and the dangers they protect from and shows examples of the types of items that are NOT considered PPE. Learning Objectives Identify PPE that can protect [...]

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Respirators: Introduction – General

A hazardous atmosphere is an atmosphere that lacks sufficient oxygen, contains toxic air, or is otherwise hazardous to human health. This course discusses the dangers of a hazardous atmosphere and identifies two common types of respirators that are worn in a hazardous atmosphere. It also identifies the types of additional training that are required [...]

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Working at Height

During the workday, it’s often necessary to use ladders, stepladders, or other means to work at a height off the ground. However, there are risks associated with working at height, such as falls. This lesson introduces some of the common causes of accidents related to work at height, and offers some good practices to [...]

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Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

Harassment and discrimination in the workplace are illegal if the treatment is based upon some protected status of the employee such as his or her race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. This course identifies types and examples of workplace harassment and discrimination and covers what you should do if you are facing a [...]

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