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OSHA Foundations

Reinforce your understanding of health and safety management best practices for the food industry with Zosi’s OSHA Foundations Online training. Developed and taught by Intertek Alchemy’s occupational health and safety experts with experience across the supply chain, this online OSHA training course focuses on real-world application of key concepts for food industry professionals and [...]

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Protek for Hospitality / Retail / Food Service

You are on the front lines of keeping every aspect of your workplace safe and secure for your customers and coworkers. Intertek Protek™ is the only certification that shows the public you are certified to keep them safe. Developed by Intertek Alchemy, the global leader in frontline worker training, the Protek People Assurance Certification [...]

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Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits, under certain circumstances, discrimination against individuals with disabilities. This course explains the basic purpose of the ADA, what is covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and identifies examples of situations that constitute reasonable accommodations under ADA law. Learning Objectives Understand the basic purpose of the Americans with [...]

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Anger Management

Anger Management is about effectively dealing with situations that can anger us. This course introduces a technique you can use to help calm down during a tense situation. Learning Objectives Identify a technique for calming yourself down if angry.

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Appropriate Behavior in the Workplace

It is important to have a positive attitude while at work. Inappropriate workplace behavior can lead to sloppy work, accidents, and affect everyone else around you. This course offers tips for encouraging a positive and productive work environment. Learning Objectives Identify examples of appropriate workplace conduct.

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Arc Flash Awareness

An arc flash is an incredibly dangerous display of heat and light that happens around electrical equipment. This arc flash awareness training course introduces the learner to what an arc flash is, and the dangers that arc flash events pose. It then offers some precautions for avoiding injuries related to arc flash events. Learning [...]

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Back Injury Prevention

Back injuries are one of the most common types of injuries in the workplace. This course covers some of the common ways that people hurt their backs, and how a job task might be changed to help prevent back injuries in the workplace. Learning Objectives Identify an action that can hurt your back. Understand [...]

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Bloodborne Pathogens – Manufacturing

Bloodborne pathogens are harmful microorganisms that exist in human blood and can be spread through contact with contaminated blood and body fluids. This course covers some of the common ways people can experience bloodborne pathogen exposure, as well as how to help prevent bloodborne pathogen exposure by following Universal Precautions. It also discusses the [...]

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Bullying, sometimes referred to as abusive conduct, is unwanted behavior that is repeated over time. Bullying can cause either physical or emotional harm. This course introduces some common forms of bullying at work, and what you should do if you are bullied in the workplace. Learning Objectives Know how to respond to bullying at [...]

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Canada Leave of Absence

There are various types of leave that allow you to take usually unpaid and job-protected time off from work to care for your family or handle a medical emergency. This course identifies the types of leave that may be taken and the benefits that may be available. It also discusses your responsibilities for informing [...]

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Combustible Dust

Many substances and activities can produce fine dust particles. And this dust can be a serious problem, because in certain conditions dust accumulations can disperse and ignite, causing a combustible dust explosion. This course describes how combustible dust is produced, and what factors contribute to combustible dust explosions. It also examines how to prevent [...]

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Compressed Gas Cylinders – Manufacturing

When storing compressed gas cylinders, it’s important to do it right. This course introduces the learner to proper compressed gas safety procedures, such as how to handle and store compressed gas cylinders. Safe practices to prevent damage and injury are also introduced. Learning Objectives Identify a good practice for handling gas cylinders. Identify a [...]

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