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Food Safety


Foreign Material Control

Contaminated food products could cost your business millions in recalls, lawsuits, wasted products, and more. Foreign material control training helps your entire team understand how to prevent, detect, and respond to foreign material contamination. You’ll walk away from our online course with a better understanding of foreign material control prevention methods, their limitations, and [...]

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FSMA: Introduction

The Food Safety Modernization Act marks the biggest change to food safety laws in over half a century. This course describes the history of FSMA, as well as some of the FSMA rules that will take effect. It also covers Preventive Controls, which is required in many FDA facilities under FSMA, as well as [...]

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FSSC 22000 Implementation Course

FSSC 22000 is a highly flexible and widely recognized audit standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). For facilities looking for certification of their food safety systems, Zosi’s online course discusses the requirements of FSSC 22000 and how to implement the standard. Please note, this is NOT a certification course for the FSSC [...]

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HACCP: Overview

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a system that identifies potential food safety hazards, and works to reduce or eliminate those hazards before they can contaminate the food. This course identifies examples of food safety hazards, and explains how hazards can be controlled through monitoring of critical control points. It also gives examples [...]

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Hand Washing: Effective Techniques

Frequent hand washing is perhaps the best way to help prevent the spread of dirt and dangerous microorganisms. This hand hygiene training course identifies the times when you should wash your hands, and provides a demonstration of how to properly wash your hands so all microorganisms are removed. Learning Objectives State why hand washing [...]

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Implementing SQF Systems – Manufacturing: Exam

The Implementing SQF Systems – Manufacturing examination assesses the knowledge of the food industry professional of the SQF Food Safety Code. The manufacturing examination addresses topics relevant to those sites that pre-process or process product including SQF Food Sector Categories 4, 7 to 22, 25, and 31 through 34. Individuals will be allowed a total [...]

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Implementing SQF Systems – Primary Production: Exam

The Implementing SQF Systems – Primary Production examination assesses the knowledge of the food industry professional of the SQF Food Safety Code. The primary production examination addresses topics relevant to those sites that grow or farm product such as SQF Food Sector Categories 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6. Individuals will be allowed a total [...]

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Implementing the SQF Fundamentals Code for Manufacturing – Course

SQFI has exclusively partnered with Zosi to develop the Implementing SQF Fundamentals Code for Manufacturing eLearning Course. This interactive course is designed to help small and medium-sized producers integrate SQF food safety fundamentals into their existing practices while creating a pathway to achieve globally accepted GFSI certification. With Zosi’s eLearning platform, starting your food [...]

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Listeria: Understanding its Dangers to Food

Listeria is a family that includes six types of bacteria that are found everywhere in nature. One type in particular, Listeria Monocytogenes, can cause serious problems if it gets into food. This course explains the dangers of Listeria contamination in ready-to-eat food, and how to help prevent it from forming a bio-film or collecting [...]

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Maintenance Personnel GMPs

Maintenance personnel ensure that the equipment and machinery in a facility runs well all time. However, it is possible to contaminate the equipment any time you make repairs. This course identifies good manufacturing practices (GMP) maintenance requirements to follow for supporting personal hygiene while working, and discusses how to prevent your tools from contaminating [...]

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Personal Hygiene: Basics

Germs and bacteria are everywhere in the world, including on you, your clothes, and the things you touch every day. This course discusses how to maintain your personal hygiene in the workplace and at home. In addition, you’ll learn how to properly put on sanitary gloves before working with food and come to understand [...]

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Preventing Food Contamination – Food

Food contamination can come from ingredients, packaging, processing equipment, or even people. As a food worker, you have an obligation to keep food safe from contamination. This course provides examples of three main types of food contamination, and explains how food workers can help protect food by preventing contamination from even happening. Learning Objectives [...]

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