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Food Manufacturing

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Visitor Procedures

Visitors to a facility are required to follow all the procedures and rules in place at a location. This course provides an overview of the types of requirements to expect when entering a facility, and the need for proper attire. It also covers food safety and personal safety practices when inside a production area. Learning [...]

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Waste Management Procedures and Proper Disposal

Even though waste may be generated in many different areas of a food production facility, it’s important that waste is properly handled to avoid contamination of food. This course identifies examples of solid and liquid waste, and the problems associated with improper procedures for handling storage and disposal of waste. Learning Objectives Identify examples of [...]

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Water Hose Safety

Water hoses are commonly used in facilities, such as during the cleaning process. This course discusses water hose safety, such as the correct procedures to reduce the risk of food contamination, along with proper maintenance and care for hoses and nozzles. Learning Objectives Identify a water hose food safety risk. Describe a water hose [...]

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