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Diversity and Inclusion

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Diversity & Inclusion

Every person is different, and these differences are vital and essential qualities. Appreciating the differences in people leads to a healthy workplace and increased productivity. This course explains what diversity is, the importance of diversity and inclusion at work, and why we must be tolerant of people’s differences and respond to others with a [...]

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Overcoming Bias

Almost everyone has unconscious bias. This course helps learners understand unconscious bias and see how it may surface in words and actions towards others. It also introduces ways to recognize and reduce our own biases, including how to receive constructive feedback. Learning Objectives Recognize that unconscious bias can be widespread Identify examples of microaggressions [...]

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Race and Equity

While it can be easy to think of racism as an isolated problem, its effects are more widespread than many realize. This course looks at the characteristics of individual and systemic racism and explores the ways that racism can lead to unfairness. It also provides learners with tools for actively working against racism in [...]

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