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Advanced HACCP Certification Course

Zosi is proud to offer the only 100% online course for Advanced HACCP certification. This self-paced course builds on your understanding of our HACCP Certification Course and provides you with HACCP training tools to become a HACCP team leader. In this 7-hour advanced course, you will develop a mastery of HACCP principles that will [...]

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Basic HACCP Certification – Juice and Beverage

juice HCCP Certification is a requirement for processors and importers of juice products that must comply with FD’s juice HCCP regulation. This course is designed for anyone who needs a HCCP certification and works in a juice or beverage facility. Through 7 hours of instruction, Zosi Learning’s Basic HCCP – Juice and Beverage Certification course [...]

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Basic HACCP Certification Course

Need a HACCP certification? Complete this 6-hour online HACCP certification course to receive an official certificate from the International HACCP Alliance and become a key contributor to your facilities’ HACCP team. #1 online HACCP certification course developed by and taught by industry auditors Interactive exercises built into each module provide better understanding of practical [...]

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Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) Fundamentals

Uncover the steps to build successful corrective and preventive action plans through expert advice and CAPA plan examples. Address deviations and deficiencies in your food safety and quality systems. Learn how to fix immediate problems and prevent them from recurring. Benefits Understand the corrective and preventive action process Address deviations and deficiencies in your food [...]

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Environmental Monitoring Program

Environmental monitoring is an essential program for facilities, especially food manufacturing sites that handle Ready-To-Eat (RTE) and microbiologically sensitive foods. Zosi, the global leader in food safety training, has created this online environmental monitoring program (EMP) training course to help organizations mitigate inherent food safety risks and ensure regulatory compliance. Benefits Identify the steps for [...]

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Food Defense Manager

Discover the tools, tips, and tricks needed to develop and implement your facility’s food defense program. Developed with the Food Protection and Defense Institute at the University of Minnesota, Food Defense Manager provides a comprehensive walkthrough of procedures and assessments easily integrated into your existing practice. You’ll walk away with practical strategies to better [...]

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Food Defense Supervisor Awareness

The Food Protection and Defense Institute of the University of Minnesota – the leading authority on Food Defense – has exclusively partnered with Zosi to deliver Food Defense Supervisor Awareness Training. This self-paced eLearning course delves into the purpose of a food defense program, fundamental food defense concepts, and features an overview of FSMA requirements. [...]

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Implementing the SQF Fundamentals Code for Manufacturing – Course

SQFI has exclusively partnered with Zosi to develop the Implementing SQF Fundamentals Code for Manufacturing eLearning Course. This interactive course is designed to help small and medium-sized producers integrate SQF food safety fundamentals into their existing practices while creating a pathway to achieve globally accepted GFSI certification. With Zosi’s eLearning platform, starting your food [...]

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Internal Auditing – Advanced

Our “Internal Auditing – Advanced” online training course was designed specifically for internal audit team leaders and expands on the fundamentals learned in “Internal Auditing – Basics.” This next-level online course aims for a greater understanding of managing and evaluating your internal auditing teams. Here you will learn how to build accurate documentation, define [...]

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Internal Auditing – Basics

This internal auditing training is a 2-hour self-paced, online course that introduces internal auditing best practices and processes for food plant inspections. Whether you’re completely new to internal auditing and want to create a strong foundation or looking for a refresher, you will learn everything needed to be a key contributor to your audit [...]

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Managing Kosher Beverage Production

Take a closer look at kosher guidelines with a curriculum dedicated to the specific considerations of successful kosher beverage production. Managing Kosher Beverage Production helps facilities understand and meet the stringent requirements behind kosher drink processes, ingredients, and equipment. This course speaks to kosher programs and issues that may arise in hot or cold [...]

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Managing Kosher Dairy Production

Develop a deeper understanding of kosher dairy production and learn kosher industry best practices in Zosi’s Managing Kosher Dairy Production course. Crafted with the help of OU Kosher and led by a rabbi with extensive manufacturing experience, our online curriculum focuses on facilities that produce kosher milk, cream, ice cream, sour cream, buttermilk, and [...]

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Managing Kosher Production

Get to know the essentials of kosher production with this introduction to the benefits and basics of diversifying your product base. Developed in partnership with OU Kosher and taught by a rabbi with decades of experience in the kosher industry, Managing Kosher Production demystifies kosher guidelines and provides an extensive overview of industry best [...]

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PCQI Training (Preventive Controls for Human Food) – Online Course

The Zosi Preventive Controls for Human Food (PCQI) training provides everything you need to meet FSMA requirements and become a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI). This PCQI training uniquely combines the benefits of a self-paced online course with a live virtual session led by a food safety expert where you will dive deep into [...]

$799 View Course

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Fundamentals

Tired of facing the same issues in your processing facility over and over again? This online root cause analysis (RCA) training teaches how to diagnose and fix the root cause of your issues, not just the symptoms. Zosi’s expert instructors use their decades of processing floor experience to share practical approaches and valuable tools [...]

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Statistical Process Control (SPC) Fundamentals

This online statistical process control course delivers practical methods you can use to monitor your operations, maintain the consistency of products, and keep manufacturing processes under control. You’ll learn techniques to detect problems at the earliest stage, prevent them from becoming bigger issues down the line, and drive continuous improvement. Benefits Gain an understanding of [...]

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Verification and Validation Course

Improve your understanding of verification and validation, and the most effective methods used for each, in this online training course. Participants review various expectations for verification and validation by FDA, USDA, and GFSI standards while exploring procedures for food safety plans, HACCP plans, and prerequisite programs. Enroll and learn how to promote food safety [...]

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