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Health Screening

Health screening refers to a test or measurement that determines if an individual has a condition, such as if they’re sick, or if they’re already been exposed to and recovered from an illness or disease. It is one of the most essential tools of public health. This course introduces the role of health screening [...]

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How Diseases Spread

One of the keys to preventing employee illnesses is understanding how they spread. While some pathogens require a living host to survive, others can survive on everyday surfaces. This course details the different types of surfaces that can harbor germs, and provides suggestions for reducing these risks. Learning Objectives Identify a surface where pathogens [...]

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Physical and Mental Health and Well-being

Navigating a public health crisis is a stressful experience for everyone. Not only should you take whatever steps you can to reduce the risk of getting sick, you also need to look for ways to keep yourself healthy. This course explores various ways you can help protect both your physical and mental health. Learning [...]

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Preventing Illness at Work and Home

The choices you make every day can influence your life at work and at home. During a health crisis, the choices we make are even more important. This is why it’s so important for each of us to focus on preventing illness. This course explores some of the ways you can help prevent illness [...]

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